Why Veterans Should Become Medical Assistants

When military personnel return from active duty, integrating back into normal daily life can feel like a big challenge. Specifically, finding a civilian job is a large change from the job of serving in the armed forces. Due to disability or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that can result from being in a combat zone, veterans sometimes face significant challenges when entering the civilian workforce.  However, the number of veterans entering the civilian workforce is continuing to rise and as the U.S. economy improves, more job opportunities are becoming available to veterans. Today there are many resources available to veterans looking for a job and many opportunities for veterans to pursue a new career after life in the military. 

One career that veterans can greatly qualify for is becoming a medical assistant. For veterans who have a passion for helping others, medical assisting is a great opportunity to have a fulfilling and successful career after returning from active duty. Medical assisting is one of the fastest-growing career tracks in the medical field and job opportunities in this field continue to grow each year. Medical assistants are in high demand in a variety of work environments including doctors’ offices, dental offices, hospitals, emergency care centers, outpatient care centers and even Veterans’ Affairs (VA) hospitals. A vital part of any healthcare facility, medical assistants perform a blend of administrative and clinical duties that keep facilities running smoothly. 

Anyone can become a medical assistant, especially a veteran. Veterans have the qualities, discipline, skillset and passion that is needed to excel in this career and is a great opportunity for veterans to continue to serve others. Here are a few reasons why veterans should consider becoming a medical assistant when entering the civilian workforce:  

Complete Training In Just One Year 

Obtaining training to become a qualified medical assistant can take as little as 12 months. Medical assistant training programs usually only require a high-school diploma or GED and offer flexible class schedules. Some schools will offer both online and in person classes, as well as day and evening classes to choose from. At Woodruff Medical Training and Testing’s Medical Assistant Program, students can complete their certification after only 36.5 training hours and receive hands-on training, practical experience and opportunities for clinical externships in the field to prepare them for a successful career as a medical assistant. Woodruff also offers support for job preparation and placement with a team of experienced career placement professionals to assist students with resume preparation, interview practice and job searches. Enrolling in a medical assistant program like Woodruff’s can offer support and community for veterans integrating back into civilian life. Because of the accelerated learning and training offered in medical assistant training programs, veterans will be able to enter the civilian workforce in no time. 

Continue to Serve 

The military offers a sense of pride and belonging that may be difficult to experience initially when returning to life after active duty. A career as a medical assistant not only offers the opportunity to continue to serve others, but also a sense of community with the doctors, nurses and clinicians they work alongside. Every staff member in a health facility is important and imperative to a facility’s efficiency and success. Being part of a medical team that works to save lives and cure illness, can be a helpful way for veterans returning from active duty to not feel alone and have a renewed sense of purpose. While some careers can feel isolating, medical assisting provides an opportunity to connect with a team and with patients. 

Opportunity to Work with Other Veterans 

Medical assistants at VA hospitals are in high demand. For veterans, working as a medical assistant for the VA is a great opportunity to work with other veterans and those who understand every aspect of military life. Veterans often feel a sense of comfort and connection with other veterans who have experienced what they have. There are many things that service members have in common and their shared experience provides a sense of loyalty and brotherhood. Working among the unique veteran and military culture by being a medical assistant at the VA, can provide combat veterans with a sense of home at their workplace. Many military medical assistants and military nurses who retire from active duty in the field will also continue their civilian career at VA hospitals, providing the opportunity for veterans to not only serve other veterans but to work alongside them as well.

Positive Job Outlook 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for medical assistants will raise by 23% by 2028 which is much faster than average. As the healthcare industry continue to grow, more medical assistant jobs are becoming available. This means that the likelihood of being able to find a job as a medical assistant is very promising. Veterans who pursue a career as a medical assistant can find peace of mind in the job security and opportunity that becoming a medical assistant provides. Becoming a medical assistant can also serve as a stepping stone to veterans who want to continue their career in the medical field or even pursue other careers. Medical assisting is an entry level job that offers experience in both the administrative and clinical side of healthcare, so it can open many doors to other career paths like office management or nursing. 

Utilize a Unique Skill Set 

Veterans have unique skills and qualities that make them valuable assets to medical teams. Their experience with leadership, teamwork, self-discipline and ability to work under stressful situations are all qualities that are essential when pursing a career as a medical assistant. In this field, veterans will be able to utilize their problem solving and technical skills on a daily basis.  

To learn more about our Medical Assistant program at Woodruff Medical and the opportunities we offer, visit our Medical Assistant Program page and start your career today.

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