Why Medical Assistants Are Taking on More Responsibility During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed just about every industry in some form, but none have been as severely impacted as the medical field. Medical professionals are being called upon in bigger ways than ever to help combat COVID-19. Medical assistants, in particular, are helping to alleviate the tremendous strain on hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, and other facilities that administer medical care.

How Medical Assistants Are Helping with Relief Efforts

Medical staff, including medical assistants, have quickly become one of the most valuable resources. Medical assistants have a wide variety of duties, some clinical and some administrative. They may act as patient liaisons or assist in procedural tasks; in either situation, they are essential to an efficient flow of their facilities. A medical assistant’s typical duties are also a dramatic help in fighting the virus. MAs help keep diligent patient records that are vital in understanding a patient’s risk and response to any potential infection.

Administering COVID-19 Tests

One of the most notable contributions from medical assistants toward this fight has been assistance in administering the necessary tests to diagnose and treat COVID-19 patients. Medical assistants across the country are being trained to collect the nasal and throat swabs from potentially infected individuals.

This new skill set allows for a higher volume of testing, which results in better treatment for the patient and provides important information about the density of cases and mortality rate in the area. Because medical assistants are so flexible and versatile, this new responsibility has been absorbed into the routine of many MAs across the country, and it’s just one of the many ways they contribute to the cause.

Managing Patient Intake

Due to the pandemic, there is also a general increase in patient volume. With more sick people, entire medical staffs need to expand their capacities and abilities. Medical assistants can assist with the patient intake process, checking them in and taking their vitals and medical histories. This sort of aid not only lessens the strain on doctors and nurses themselves, but it also makes it easier for administrative staff, such as receptionists and transcribers.

Supporting Other Members of the Staff  

One of the biggest challenges of taking in more patients is the strain it puts on the staff in general in terms of hours and time restraints. Medical assistants add volume to the staff in an economical and efficient manner. Because medical assistants are so versatile, they are important additions because they can assist not only doctors, but nurses, administrative staff, custodians, and any other personnel within the facility. The addition of medical assistants could possibly make medical facilities run smoother than ever considering the current situation.

Many facilities are hiring medical assistants just for the pure purpose of patient monitoring. If a medical assistant is monitoring patients, it frees up nurses and doctors for more in-depth care procedures. This allows for improved patient care while simultaneously permitting more patients to be seen by doctors and nurses.

Increased Responsibility Due to Global Demand  

The global demand for medical staff is higher than ever, with increased patient volume in hospitals, urgent care facilities, and other medical care facilities. Because of this increased patient volume, doctors and nurses are becoming increasingly strained and need all the help they can get. Many facilities are hiring more medical assistants in order to keep up. This makes it a better time than ever to get into the field. A career as a medical assistant is obtainable for you with the right program in place, plus certifications are getting extended for the time being.

Woodruff is ready to help you achieve this dream and become one of the heroes on the frontlines fighting the pandemic. If you think this career option might be right for you, we can help you get started on your journey. We value the health and safety of our students above all else, so we are offering online admissions appointments.

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