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Which Type of Massage is Best for Your Client?

As a Massage Therapist, you have the important responsibility of providing the best possible care for your patrons, meaning that you provide unique treatment that is tailored to that client and their specific needs. Every client has a unique situation, and one of the most difficult parts of the job is determining how to most effectively care for them. Picking a massage treatment that is best for their needs will greatly impact your effectiveness on their well-being. But how do you choose which type of massage is best for your client? Here are some of the unique benefits that each style offers.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is one of the most popular methods out there, and for good reasons. It is holistically beneficial as it generally includes the entire body. It also has a hefty plethora of benefits that come along with it. Swedish Massage improves circulation, which can help heal muscle injuries, and it is also good for stress and tension relief. While this technique is less targeted than some of the others to be mentioned, it is great for general purposes. This makes it the ideal type of massage for a client who is new to the massage world. While its multifunctionality renders it perfect for clients looking for general relief, it can leave patients looking for more targeted care feeling unresolved.

Sports Massage

For clients looking to resolve specific ailments or relieve more concentrated pain, Sports Massage might be a better solution. It can be used to target particular muscles that might be strained, sore, or otherwise injured and help to speed up the healing process. This type of massage is best for clients who repeatedly put impact on the same muscles, such as athletes. The specific targeting of certain muscles can not only help to heal injuries, but it can also help to improve flexibility, which is important for active lifestyles. Sports Massage is a great way to make athletes and injured clients manage their routines.

Pregnancy Massage

The client base for this style is fairly obvious, but it’s important to discuss the countless benefits of proper care for your pregnant clients. Many pregnant women suffer from a variety of discomfort during their third trimester, such as a sore lower back or swollen ankles from all the extra weight they are carrying. Massage can help to manage these types of pain in a natural, drug-free way that can benefit their prenatal experience in a more holistic way than traditional pain management medications.

Thai Massage

While all the previously mentioned types of massage are primarily used to relax your client, some people are searching for a more energizing experience. This is where Thai Massage may be the answer. While it’s also considered an immensely effective technique for relieving certain types of tension, this massage is additionally used to boost your client’s energy levels. While this is an appealing option for many clients, it’s not right for everyone. Thai massage is more physically intense than many other types, as it’s more comparable to assisted yoga than a traditional on-the-table experience. It’s not considered suitable for anyone whose body has recently gone through trauma, such as post-op patients or patients with notable superficial injuries such as bruising.  If your client cannot handle additional physical impact, it’s probably best to stick to other techniques, but otherwise, Thai Massage is a great option.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage provides many of the same benefits as Swedish Massage and other traditional methods, but with more pressure applied to your client’s muscles. It’s considered to be ideal for clients with chronic pain, or someone with extreme tension. While the increased pressure helps to intensify the effects of the massage, it’s for this same reason that this technique is not recommended for everyone. The intense pressure used during this massage can be painful to your more sensitive clients, so exercise caution when booking a client for a Deep Tissue Massage.

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All of these different massage techniques are beneficial in their own ways, and it’s important to properly weigh the pros and cons of each before making a suggestion to a client. Massage is an incredible way to heal and renew clients of every type and personalizing each massage to a client’s individual needs is a great way to promote maximum benefits and returning clients.


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