Uncommon Workplaces for Medical Assistants


As a medical assistant, you have a hefty plethora of options in respect to your work environment. Medical assistants provide clinical and administrative assistance to doctors and nurses, therefore can work anywhere that you might find these healthcare professionals. Disregard your expectations of common healthcare workplaces, because the medical assistant’s world is much more alternative and exciting than you may have thought previously.

Modern industry lends itself to increasingly less conventional limitations for medical professionals overall. Besides the most typical workplace environments, healthcare professionals have found their way into media careers, large industrial complexes, educational institutions, and many more less predictable facilities. Here are some less traditional workplace options for medical assistants most people have never considered.

Media Studio Medical Assistant

You could be a medical assistant to the stars! With the rise of massive film, TV, and other production studios, filming and content creation are massive employers with isolated environmental hubs. Sets and media production are usually closed off to the public, so employers will often have a medical tent or trailer on site to handle any emergencies and provide general care. The fast-paced and unpredictable world of media production could be a great option for someone looking for a work life full of spontaneity and intrigue.

Medical Assistant in a Prison Infirmary  

While prison might not seem like the ideal work environment for a medical profession, it can be an incredibly fulfilling and satisfying job. Prisoners in the system are often plagued by a wide range of ailments that are hindering their rehabilitation methods. Whether more typical issues of injury or illness, or extenuating circumstances such as addiction or pregnancy, medical assistants working alongside physicians in prison infirmaries can help people at what might be their lowest point. Rehabilitation is an important part of the prison system that can be greatly aided by proper medical care, and you could be a part of that process. Providing prisoners with proper and attentive medical care can help them regain a certain quality of life, and you could even be contributing to the betterment of society by helping addicts and potentially destructive patients.

Universities and Schools

Large educational institutions often have available medical personal to care for their students and staff, not unlike a primary school with an on-site nurse. Large institutions such as colleges or boarding schools employ doctors in their on-campus clinics, and often, these doctors require medical assistants to deal with the large quantities of students and staff that reside and work there. These types of establishments could be great opportunities to work with students in a wide variety of demographics.

Why Seek an Alternative Work Environment?

These three options are just a small peek into the infinite options that the medical community contains. Medical assistants are needed wherever there are physicians and nurses. Doctors are found in every niche that you could imagine, and it’s immensely beneficial to work in a versatile and unique environment, as it gives you a wide range of experience. Having a versatility of experience when it comes to environment and type of patient can give you a major leg up as a medical professional.

The true test of an effective and competent medical assistant is adaptability. While you might indeed find this type of variety at a traditional hospital or private practice, trying jobs in new and alternative places can significantly up those important factors and improve your future quality of care because you will be able to adjust accordingly to a greater range of patient.


Working in less traditional settings doesn’t have to be your full-time gig. Many doctors and medical assistants work a full-time job in a conventional setting, such as a hospital or out-patient facility, and then do what’s often referred to as “moonlighting”, where a medical profession volunteers or works a second position during their off hours. Moonlighting is often in a less profitable or glamorous domain, making the work both important and meaningful. Moonlighting allows you to explore other work environments while still having the stability of a full-time day job.

There are many other uncommon workplaces medical assistants have the opportunity to explore. Whether it be a medical research facility, an insurance company, or on a military base, the options are endless. Take our quiz and find out if a career as a medical assistant is right for you.[accordion][/accordion]


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