Study Tips For Your Medical Assistant Classes

Study Tips For Your Medical Assistant Classes  

One of those common dilemmas that busy students face is how to study for their courses while also preparing for the big exam in the long term. Sometimes it can feel difficult to study and learn in a way that also ensures the information will stick farther down the line. Cramming for tests in the short time usually means that you’re not really processing the information you memorize. To get the most out of your coursework before your Medical Assistant (CMA) certification exam, check out these study tips. 


Take Advantage of Resources 


The good news is that the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) provides extensive online materials to aid your success on the exam. One good tip is to investigate these resources at the start of your course, not just in the weeks leading up to the exam. You can find outlines and practice testson their website that you can use to prepare early. If you put your coursework into the context of sample exam questions ahead of time, you’ll have a better idea of how that information will be presented on the test. So as you learn new concepts in your classes, check out practice exam questions on those subjects.


Because most CMA courses are interactive, it’ll be easier to ingest the information fully with hands on experience. Students learn both administrative and clinical skills, including:


  • Medical Law and Ethics
  • Medical Communications
  • Medical Records
  • Insurance
  • Patient Preparation
  • Basic Laboratory Procedures & Tests
  • Total Patient Care

The certification exam will cover a wide range of topics from psychology to medical business practices. Many programs also offer both day and night classes to choose from to help accommodate busy schedules of working or parenting students. Because so many of the terms you’ll need to know are acronyms and definitions, it’s easy to let yourself slip into blind memorization. But it’s important to remember that memorization fades when you don’t learn an idea behind it during your medical assistant classes.


Schedule Exam Study Time

When an exam is months away, it can be easy to procrastinate preparation knowing that you still have plenty of time. Being consistent with your study sessions doesn’t feel as important when your CMA test is still far away. Instead of finding time to study on the fly during an given week, plan your schedule from the outset. Mark your calendar with study sessions as if they are a class or event you’re required to attend. Repeated exposure to the exam content outline and practice exam questions will sink in over time.


Don’t Overstress

Trying to be accomplish goals under stress is ultimately counterproductive. When you’re stressed, most of your mental energy winds up redirected and it’s hard to focus on absorbing concepts for school. If you begin preparing for your exam at the start of your courses, you’ll also have time to dedicate towards relaxation and self care. Your medical assistant program is your priority, but finding time to go for a hike or unwind with a bubble bath is important too! These things might make you feel like you’re wasting time, but they actually help you function at your highest ability.


The Process of Elimination

When test day comes, you can take comfort knowing that the CMA exam is multiple choice. For many people, this is helpful because you know that the correct answer is going to be right there in the choices. You can work on strategiesfor eliminating the incorrect answers one by one. For example, you can eliminate answers that include any incorrect information at all, even if it’s not directly related to the question topic. For instance, you can eliminate answers that don’t grammatically fit with the phrasing of the question. It’s also recommended that you use scratch paper so that you don’t feel limited as you reason. Additionally, by physically crossing out answers that you’ve decided to eliminate, you’re less likely to be distracted by them and regress.


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