Stress in America is Good News for Massage Therapists


More Americans are feeling stressed out than ever before, and this is fantastic news for massage therapists and others who work in the stress-reduction business. Advancing technology, a demanding economy and the ever-increasing tempo of modern life have put a lot of pressure on people, and for many of them, regular massage therapy is the best release. This state of affairs, though uncomfortable for many of the people who feel they need weekly massages to release some of the tension they feel, is good news for the nation’s 350,000 massage therapists. These client bases have been expanding for decades with no end in sight.

It’s a Stressful World

The numbers are stark: At least half of all adults in America reported feeling “overwhelmed, anxious or nervous” when asked about their levels of stress. A whopping 94 percent of the same group reported feeling at least one symptom of severe stress in the past year, while another 45 percent told survey takers they have experienced depression, which is a common – and potentially dangerous – outcome of living with chronic stress.

It’s no wonder so many people are suffering. Sources of stress abound, even for the most tranquil, modern person. In early, 21st-century America, anyone can be reached at any time. Work and school schedules have only gotten more demanding, and factors outside of any individual’s power to alter are brought home every night on television. Add to that the general stress of living in a dangerous world and the specific stresses related to at-home concerns, such as health insurance for kids, senior care for elderly parents and expensive repairs for the car, and it’s actually surprising people aren’t reporting more stress.



The Astonishing Growth of Massage Therapy

This has opened up a world of opportunities for massage therapists, who are often the only line of defense against the toll stress can take on the body. The massage industry has grown far faster since the turn of the century than anyone could have predicted. In 2005, most industry watchers predicted a rise in demand over the next decade that would make massage and related therapies a $6 billion business by 2015. In the event, massage therapy alone was a $12 billion business in 2015, and the demand has only been increasing since.

Massage Therapy Goes Beyond Dollars and Cents

Therapeutic massage has matured into a genuine growth industry. It also has the advantage, unlike other rapidly growing industries like tech or manufacturing, of being impossible to outsource overseas. Massage’s unique combination of growth and stability would make it an attractive choice of career for ambitious young people, even if there were no other advantages to it. Today’s massage therapists have the additional satisfaction of feeling they are making a difference in the lives of their clients.

Massage fills an essential role in a world where people feel beset on all sides by stress, and where there often isn’t a viable mechanism for healing in most people’s lives. Apart from its virtues as a profitable business, massage therapy is a career devoted to easing the burdens people carry with them and helping them live longer, healthier lives. By enrolling in an accredited academy and learning the skills to succeed in this booming field, today’s massage therapists are earning more than just a comfortable living; they are earning a rewarding place in the lives of the people they treat.

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