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Medical Assistant Schools Georgia

Medical Assistant School


Multi-Skilled – Medical Assisting Certificate Program

40.5 Credit Hours
Certificate Program/Residential
Method of Instruction: This course is taught through a series of classroom lecture, hands-on laboratory training, course preparation and homework assignments, and clinical externship instruction. The objective of the Medical Assisting Program is to prepare the student to assist physicians and nurses by performing administrative duties and basic clinical duties in an office or medical center. To meet this objective, instruction addresses subjects encompassing medical practice, medical law and ethics, medical communications, medical records, insurance, patient preparation and basic laboratory procedures and tests as well as total patient care. Upon completion of this program graduates will have entry level skills as medical assistants and qualify for positions in a variety of health care facilities. The Medical Assisting Program groups its program around knowledge and skills required for administrative medical assisting and clinical medical assisting. The program concludes with an externship in a medical facility.

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