5 Reasons to Become a School Nurse


As summer approaches, many people find themselves longing for a tropical vacation, or some time away from work. But for school nurses, a summertime break is one of the many advantages of their unique job. It’s common to consider pursuing a nursing career if you’re interested in medicine, but what are some of the specific advantages of combining youth education and healthcare? Learn more about a few excellent reasons to consider medical training programs and becoming a school nurse.

1.   Stable Workday Hours

One of the greatest advantages of becoming a school nurse is your weekly workload. Your work hours will be a stable 8 or 9 a.m. to 3 or 4 p.m. You’ll have weekends and nights off, unlike nursing in a hospital or emergency room. Many nurses struggle with the demanding and erratic hours that often include very late night or very early morning shifts. These shifts can also be very long. If you’re a school nurse, you’ll likely have the entire summer off. While other healthcare professionals struggle to plan vacation time, you’ll be able to count on significant yearly time off. You could even use this time off to earn extra money or build your skills further. School nursing is an excellent pursuit if you plan on starting a family, or if free time is important to you.

2. You’re Educating the Community

If you love children, this is one the best ways to maintain a reasonable work schedule and help kids at the same time. Not only will you get to help children feel better every day, you’re also a kind of educator as well. School nurses are often responsible for working with administrators on health education for the students. You’ll get to answer questions and help children become informed about their health. School nursing is a positive community influence—just like teachers, you’re raising adults for a better future. Though it may seem like a small contribution, you can make a positive impact on children every day in this career path. If you enjoy spending time with children or talking teenagers through their issues, consider becoming a school nurse!

3. Reasonable Salary 

School nurses make a decent and reliable salary. According to salary.com, the median salary for a school nurse is $48,435. In the top 75%, however, the salary range up $72,000. When you take into consideration the modest hours that school nursing demands, and the potential free time during your summer to earn more money if you choose, this career choice becomes a very viable candidate. To learn more about the process of becoming a nurse assistant (NA) and later a nurse, visit www.woodruffmedical.edu.

4. Flexibility

Just like any other nurse, this career affords you the opportunity to find work almost anywhere that you choose. Nursing is such a universal skill, and a longstanding need in the community, as is education. Becoming a school nurse means that you can find work more easily if you ever decide to relocate. This kind of flexibility is not a guarantee in many professions. Even viewed from the reverse perspective, becoming a school nurse is still a flexible position. For example, many company jobs will require relocation or travel for work at unexpected times. This won’t be a concern as a school nurse.

5. We Need More School Nurses

School nurses are in demand, and a 16% growth rate for school nurses is projected for 2014 to 2024. After earning either an RN certificate or an LPN, you may have an easier time obtaining work as a school nurse than in a hospital depending on where you live. Post-bachelor education will be required on a case by case basis depending on your employer. 

These are just a few compelling reasons to consider a career in nursing and schools. To learn more about your opportunities, nurse assistant (NA) training, and other medical training programs, visit www.woodruffmedical.edu today.

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